Posted by: will | December 20, 2006

Colour Revolt Live…

Just got back in town in time to see Colour Revolt play Monday night here in Columbia. Let me tell you…I still have not figured out what “it” is but Colour Revolt definitely have whatever “it” may be. I’m pretty sure the band played all six songs off their outstanding debut EP, as well as two impressive new songs. Oh, and to top it off they played an ‘effing Neil Young cover (“Southern Man” off of After The Gold Rush). The band’s live show, while certainly not polished, is one to behold. There is a beauty in the jagged screams of lead singer Jesse Coppenbarger (although the guy is going to need vocal surgery in a few years if he’s not careful). Live, the music and the creative arrangements come off as rough but that only adds to the band’s charm. I still stand by my prediction that his band is gold and will be huge one day. Catch them in smaller clubs while you still can.



  1. I just downloaded this EP from Emusic…..Oh my fucking lord……I can’t get enough…..intense….melodic….it makes me want to bash my head into the wall but in a good way

    The “….” are me catching my breath. Fucking Awesome!

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