Posted by: will | December 16, 2006

Top Ten List Myers…

Myers T. – Law School Student, Charleston, SC

– This list only contains one Interpol rip-off band…I was expecting at least three from Myra. He also has The Blood Brothers album in his top ten. Right below him, Matti lists it as his worst album of 2006 and I’d have to agree with Matti. And that Dears album puts me to sleep and not in a good way. Even though Myers list contains two compilations (Pinback and Air’s Late Night Tales) and technically a 2005 release (The Rakes “Capture/Release” was released in Europe in 2005), I let him get away with it. Myers has a lot of pull around here. Oh, and he’s totally NOT going to be a lawyer.

#1 Drag the River “It’s Crazy.” (Suburban Home)
#2 The Rakes “Capture/Release” (V2)
#3 The Walkmen “A Hundred Miles Off” (The Record Collection)
#4 The Album Leaf “Into the Blue Again” (Sub Pop)
#5 Band Of Horses “Everything All The Time” (Sub Pop)
#6 Pinback “Nautical Antiques” (Ace Fu)
#7 The Blood Brothers “Young Machetes” (V2)
#8 Ratatat “Classics” (XL)
#9 V/A “Late Night Tales: Air” (Thrive)
#10 The Dears “Gang of Losers” (Arts & Crafts)


  1. yeah you bastard… There wasn’t much good in 2006 to use so I pulled stuff out of my ass. I would have put down Mew “and the glass handed kites”, however that wasnt’t really a 2006 release either you fuckhead. right right…. i will lawyer your ass into the ground.

  2. love you too!

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