Posted by: will | December 14, 2006

J. Robbins/Channels…

– Here is a special message from the kind folks over at Desoto Records in regards to J. Robbins’ baby boy, Cal. J. Robbins is a great musician and producer (I just reviewed his band Channels new record last week). This email has been going around so I thought I would post it. Please go here for more info, donation details and some ridiculously cute pics. There are countless wonderful records that J. Robbins’ has had a hand in over the last 15 years. Many of them have meant a great deal to me. Please do what you can.

“Hi friends of J. Robbins, Janet Morgan and Cal Robbins:

J. and Janet’s baby boy Cal was born with a serious genetic condition
called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Though there is no cure for this
condition, there are lots of treatments that promise to give Cal the the best
possible quality of life. Unfortunately, many of these, especially the
alternative treatments, are not covered by health insurance.

J. and Janet have given so much over the years to the music community
we’re all a part of, so Bill and I are hoping you can see in your hearts
to help them out now. We’ve set up a website with more information and
a place to make a donation. All of the money will go straight to J. and
Janet to help defray their growing medical bills.

Thanks for your support and feel free to send this email on to folks
who might likewise be interested in helping.

Take care
Kim Coletta and Bill Barbot”



  1. That is one adorable baby.

  2. Ha, tell me about it. He looks like a young Ian MacKaye there with the beanie.

  3. What a sweetie!

  4. I thought he looked like Ian too. There must be a DC look ya know.

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