Posted by: will | December 8, 2006

Album Of The Day – The Brother Kite / End Of The Year Wind Down…

The Brother Kite “Waiting For The Time To Be Right” (Clairecords)


– Shoegaze lives on with bands like The Brother Kite. This is a great record that fans of guitar layered pop will certainly fall in love with. No review today. SAL is finally winding 2006 down. Things will be a little more sporadic here over the last few weeks of the year. I am listening to all my 2006 releases over and over again in preparation for my year end list. I will have a few more reviews to post next week before I get into to my Top 30 of 2006. In the meantime, sit tight.



  1. will, are you going to let the people give lists?
    that octopus project is like Nintendo hell, very cool.

  2. Matti, you have just made the 200th comment on SAL! You win…absolutely nothing! Yeah, I’m letting people send me lists. I’ll have a post up about it next week.

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