Posted by: will | December 6, 2006

The Falcon…


The Falcon “Unicornography” (Red Scare)


I’m sure all The Lawrence Arms and Alkaline Trio fans know about The Falcon. For those who don’t know though, The Falcon consists of Brendan Kelly and Neil Hennessey of The Lawrence Arms along with Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio. I love this history I’m about to spew here. Adriano and Kelly were once in an amazing ska/punk band by the name of Slapstick. When that band broke up, Adriano formed the emo band Tuesday and Kelly formed the punk band The Broadways. After Tuesday broke up Adriano went on to be in Alkaline Trio. And after The Broadways ended, Kelly formed The Lawrence Arms. Now, Adriano and Kelly have come full circle and gotten back together to form The Falcon.

I was not expecting much from Unicornography as I found the band’s debut EP to be rather mediocre. Fortunately, this album has surprised me a bit. It seems as though the band has found their sound here. Fans of The Lawrence Arms should eat this album up as The Falcon resembles The Lawrence Arms quite a bit. It is due to the fact that Kelly sings lead vocals and seems to carry the lion’s share of the songwriting as well. At least it seems that way as the lyrics and subject matter seem straight out of an Arms record. I’m not sure why Adriano does not sing more as he has proven quite capable of carrying the lead vocal weight and it would provide a little change of pace but I digress. The album does not provide anything new to punk rock history. It’s just a fun, sincere album that shows a slightly different side to the musicians involved.

It is clear that The Falcon is meant to be a fun side-project band for all involved. What Unicornography proves though is the fact that even a shits and giggles side-project can transform into something much more than it was intended to be. Some might consider me a bit of a fan boy of Mr. Brendan Kelly. I have no shame when gushing about my love of his bands past and present. The Falcon simply keeps his remarkable streak alive.

RIYL: The Lawrence Arms, Alkaline Trio, Dillinger Four


The Falcon – Building The Even More Perfect Asshole Parade (mp3)

The Falcon – R.L. Burnouts Inc. (mp3)


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