Posted by: will | December 5, 2006

The Cardinal Sin…

The Cardinal Sin “Hurry Up And Wait” (Grey Flight)

The Cardinal Sin are a mini super group of sorts. The band formed in 2003 from the ashes of three Mineapolis bands…Cadillac Blindside, The Crush and Song Of Zarathustra. The Cardinal Sin sounds a great deal like Cadillac Blindside and The Crush. Those bands played aggresive melodic pop-punk and The Cardinal Sin definitely has carried on their torch. Hurry Up And Wait is the band’s debut album and it shows a great deal of promise. Still, the band has a hard time reaching the heights of its previous endeavors. Both The Crush and Cadillac Blindside’s final albums were extremely strong affairs and The Cardinal Sin’s debut simply does not deliver the way those albums did. This is a strong effort though. The band does a tremendous job in balancing melody with aggression. The album’s first five tracks are damn good. The album falls off a bit after that though and settles into an almost mundane rhythm. Hurry Up And Wait is a typically uneven debut album. Unfortunately, The Cardinal Sin bit the dust earlier this year so we won’t ever get to see if the band could have become more consistent. It’s a shame as the band showed significant promise on Hurry Up And Wait. Hopefully the band members will move on like they have done before. I’ll be eagerly awaiting to hear their new ventures.

RIYL: Alkaline Trio, Jawbreaker, Hot Rod Circuit


The Cardinal Sin – Saddest Song (mp3)

The Cardinal Sin – Eye Opener (mp3)

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