Posted by: will | December 4, 2006

¡Forward, Russia!…

¡Forward, Russia! “Give Me A Wall” (Mute)

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On my first few listens I was ready to dismiss ¡Forward, Russia! as another lame dance-oriented indie band. However, the more you listen, you realize these guys are trying to go in a little more original direction. They take the catchiness of the dance-indie craze and counter it with a spazzy punk rock nature that really adds some meat and muscle to the music. It’s akin to the jittery post-punk of Gang Of Four at times. Too many pop-oriented bands have watered this genre down to the point of nausea. It doesn’t hurt the band that they have such a charismatic lead vocalist as Tom Woodhead. Woodhead’s often maniacal falsetto/yelp brings to mind The Blood Brothers but not nearly as irritating. None of this is to say that ¡Forward, Russia!’s music is anything but catchy though. Bloc Party would absolutely kill for some of the choruses that the band rips through on Give Me A Wall. Even despite some slower tempoed songs, by the end of the album, the band is wearing a little thin. That is really the only concern. Will the band be able to hold your attention beyond this debut record? That answer is still up in the air but for the most part ¡Forward, Russia! succeed in a genre where so many other bands have failed miserably over the last few years.

RIYL: Bloc Party, The Blood Brothers, Gang Of Four


¡Forward, Russia! – Nine (mp3)

¡Forward, Russia! – Eighteen (mp3)


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