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Envy “Insomniac Doze” (Temporary Residence)

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It is mindblowing for a band that is in their 15th year of existence to still be making such incredibly moving music. Envy exist somewhere in between genres. The band began as a hardcore thrash band whose songs rarely went beyond two minutes. However the band has evolved into a hardcore/post-rock behemoth whose songs range from long (6-8 minutes) to epic (10-15 minutes). Envy is still a hardcore band at heart though. They’ve just expanded their scope and Insomniac Doze is proof of that.

Album opener “Further Ahead Of Warp” is perhaps the band’s crowning achievement. It encompasses everything that makes Envy who they are. It is an incredibly moving track that just overflows with so much emotional sincerity. “Shield of Selflessness” does not let up as it follows the same dynamic as the album’s first song. “Scene” starts off with a some spoken vocals before the screams come in to crush you and then it falls back down again. It’s build and release and Envy do it brilliantly througout Insomniac Doze. “Crystallize” brings back the spoken vocals once again. It’s a marvelous tactic that really adds a great deal to Envy’s already varied attack. The fifteen minute “The Unknown Glow” is breathtaking and exhausting in its scope. Because of that the band probably should have ended the album with the song. That’s just a minor issue though as the album’s final two songs remain extremely high in quality.

Insomniac Doze is an epic battle between the varied and moving vocal attack of the band and the introspective and powerful soundscapes they create. It doesn’t matter that the lyrics are sung in Japanese. They are belted out with such incredible emotion that there is no need for translation. The music is incredibly powerful and moving. Envy have quite simply sleighed all the doubters and upped the ante with Insomniac Doze.

RIYL: Mogwai, Mono, Isis


Envy – Further Ahead Of Warp (mp3)

Envy – Shield Of Selflessness (mp3)


  1. First post here. Excellent blog. Envy is a superb band, and Insomniac Doze has to be on my top ten this year. Keep the good job, s.a.l.!!

  2. […] soundaslanguage under Music , Music Video , Video   – Looking back, I am not quite sure why Envy’s Insomniac Doze did not make my 2006 year end list. Either way, “Scene” is incredible and so is this […]

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