Posted by: will | November 30, 2006



Ratatat “Classics” (XL)

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I was a little late to the game in regards to Ratatat. When I finally got around to picking up Ratatat’s debut earlier this year I could see what all the fuss had been about. Shortly after my discovery Classics was released and the group won me over yet again. Ratatat offer something unique in instrumental music. The band can touch on the emotion of post-rock while still keeping the rich accessibility of dance music. When the term IDM (intelligent dance music) was coined, I have a feeling that it was directly meant for groups like Ratatat.

Classics is in the same vein as the duo’s debut but perhaps goes in a more melancholy direction. That’s not to say that this album lacks the ability to get you up and dancing when it wants to though. “Lex” is pure Daft Punk madness but offers more warmth than the often mechanical feel of the French group. “Gettysburg” is a subtle gorgeous track the likes never really touched on before by Ratatat. “Wildcat” jumps right back into dancey territory with it’s programmed wildcat growl leading the way. “Swisha” starts off with a quiet acoustic guitar before getting all tropicalia on your ass. Album closer “Tacobel Canon” shows the impressive give and take between the guitar and the electronics that Ratatat have seemingly perfected so well.

Ratatat make purely instrumental music. However, the group avoids the pitfalls of instrumental and dance music. They combine the best of both worlds with intelligence and poise. It’s a beautiful line that Ratatat walk. This is music that is meant to be soaked in, admired and most importantly, enjoyed.

RIYL: Out Hud, Daft Punk, M83


Ratatat – Lex (mp3)

Ratatat – Gettysburg (mp3)



  1. Olivia (my daughter) has been playing them non-stop! Good call!

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