Posted by: will | November 22, 2006


Headlights “Kill Them With Kindness” (Polyvinyl)

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I first heard about Headlights when the band signed to Polyvinyl. I soon discovered that all three members of the band were at one time members of the great shoegazer pop band Absinthe Blind. Guitarist/vocalist Tristan Wright was also a member of the outstanding instrumental rock group Maserati for a short time. So, I definitely took notice of those facts as I was a big fan of both bands. Headlights’ Kill Them With Kindness is certainly a strong debut record.

The six minute “Your Old Street” starts Kill Them With Kindness. It’s a misleading song as its length and slower nature would seemingly make more sense closing the album. That being said, it’s a beautiful track that really encompasses all the band’s strengths. The album’s second track, “TV” shows how the band can pick up the pace. When vocalist/keyboardist Erin Fein and guitarist/vocalist Tristan Wright’s vocals blend in together it creates a wonderful organic feeling. “Put Us Back Together Right” is a great song that sounded even better when I saw the band live recently. “Owl Eyes” and “Words Make You Tired” showcase Fein’s vocals which are somewhat reminiscent of Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley at times. The rocking “Lions” is a nice power pop tune. Too often though, songs that lack Fein’s lead vocals seem to fall short on Kill Them With Kindness.

This is an album I have listened to a great deal of late. But, as good as Kill Them With Kindness sounds when it is playing it seems that there is not too much that will stay with you afterwards. However, this is most certainly a promising debut…one that could be a sign of a very fruitful and promising future for Headlights.

RIYL: Yo La Tengo, Rilo Kiley, Stars


Headlights – TV (mp3)

Headlights – Owl Eyes (mp3)

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