Posted by: will | November 21, 2006

Electric President…


Electric President “Electric President” (Morr Music)

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I can imagine that there have been some detractors to the sound of Electric President. I am sure there have been many that have said the duo is simply trying to ride the coattails of The Postal Service. But, if there was any justice in the world Electric President would be just as big as The Postal Service ever were. Electric President create indie/electronic pop on par, and in many ways, exceed the great heights (pun intended) reached by The Postal Service a few years ago. While Electric President songs may not be as instantly catchy or memorable, the duo’s songs have a sneaky way of creeping into your soul in a beautiful way. Electric President have created an album that truly deserves to be soaked in as it reveals more and more to you with each listen.

What originally stands out about Electric President is the immaculate construction of the duo’s songs. The music remarkably skirts the line between experimentation and accessibility. That’s a line that if tight-roped just right can produce wonderful results. Electric President do just that for an album’s worth of material. What’s not quite as revealing at first are the duo’s exceptional lyrics. They are simple, yet imaginitively descriptive. Electric President is an album that I can certainaly relate to on a lyrical level. There is a constant theme of regret and a loss of hope throughout. It’s that indescribable restless feeling with life. It’s that loss of ambition that life can suck from you. Yet, there is always a sense of optimisim that shines out from this album…a fleeting hope that the future may bring you better days. The album’s ending lyrics from “Farewell” reveal that optimism: It was all in our heads. It was all in our heads/The sky was never falling/It was all in our heads/So sleep well tonight/And dream some good things/The sky was never falling/It was all a bad dream.

On “Metal Fingers” Electric President have a set of lyrics that can be perceived any different number of ways. The lyrics go There’s nothing new to discover/There’s nothing new to invent/There’s nothing new to think that hasn’t been thought of before. In the context of the song Electric President seems to be talking about the mundane day to day grind of life and how that can rob you of your hope and dreams. However, those lyrics can also apply to the music that Electric President present here. Perhaps we have been here. Perhaps we have heard this before. But, I’ll be damned if it has ever sounded this good.

RIYL: The Postal Service, Grandaddy, Pinback


Electric President – Metal Fingers (mp3)

Electric President – Good Morning, Hypocrite (mp3)



  1. I like this. I like the effects on “Metal Fingers”. I think it’s the lead vocal that keeps it accessible. He’s clear and do I hear a bit of a drawl?

  2. OK, listening to some more, call me absolutely crazy but he sounds like the guy who sang the Schoolhouse Rock songs. Something about the phrasing also reminds me of Schoolhouse Rock.


  3. yeah maritza, i think the guys are a southerners and now reside in florida. it’s weird…i totally thought they were european when first hearing this album

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