Posted by: will | November 20, 2006

Final Fantasy…

Final Fantasy “He Poos Clouds” (Tomlab)

Do you know those albums that you definitely like but you just never really have the tendency to reach for very often? Final Fantasy’s He Poos Clouds has been one of those albums for me this year. I’ve had this record for months and I do like it a good bit. Yet, when the time came to review it, I would always skip over it to some other album. Perhaps it is the fact that He Poos Clouds is not just an album to put on in the background. It’s a record that deserves your attention.

Final Fantasy is Owen Pallett. Pallett has played and/or toured with Picastro, The Arcade Fire, The Hylozoists, The Hidden Cameras, Jim Guthrie and others. He’s obviously a talented well-respected musician and it certainly shows in the fascinating arrangements on He Poos Clouds. The arrangements are confident and impressive. Strings, piano, harpsichord, percussion, and Pallett’s voice cover a wide array of emotions on He Poos Clouds. While Pallett’s voice is soft and vulnerable and falls below the weight of his arrangements at times, it’s probably meant to be that way. Several tracks remind one of the chaotic nature of Xiu Xiu while others echo the wistfulness of Andrew Bird, Belle And Sebastian or even labelmate Patrick Wolf. However, Pallett really has created his own version of pop music here. It sounds like a musical being played just for you.

Final Fantasy’s He Poos Clouds is certainly not for everyone. Hell, I still keep going back and forth on whether it’s even for me. But, if you like your music challenging while all the while remaining warm and inviting, you simply can not go wrong here. Quite simply, Pallett has created a fascinating pop record. One that should be listened to at least once.

RIYL: Andrew Bird, Xiu Xiu, Belle And Sebastian


Final Fantasy – Many Lives 49 MP (mp3)

Final Fantasy – He Poos Clouds (mp3)



  1. i got excited thinking this was the soundtrack to the new Final Fantasy game. oh well. thanks for the Zoinks! beotch.

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