Posted by: will | November 15, 2006


Psapp “The Only Thing I Ever Wanted” (Domino)

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Apparently, Psapp is hot stuff. But, you probably wounldn’t even know it. The group has appeared on soundtracks for the hit TV shows The OC and Grey’s Anatomy. Did you know that? I sure as hell did not. Psapp’s second album The Only Thing I Ever Wanted is a curious listening experience. Psapp is the brainchild of Galia Durant and Carim Clasmann. Clasmann creates a wonderful world of samples and live instrumentation while Durant’s sweet breezy vocals carry the tracks along their way. Psapp’s sound is hard to pigeonhole because the duo rarely stands still for very long. However, the duo’s influences are quite easy to figure out. The influence of Stereolab certainly jumps out at you rather quickly. The found sounds over vocals recalls the simplistic beauty of The Books. The electronic pop of The Postal Service and the indie pop of The Delgados are other reference points. No matter what their influences are, Psapp do an outstanding job of carving out their own niche.

RIYL: Stereolab, The Delgados, The Postal Service


Psapp – Hi (mp3)

Psapp – Tricycle (mp3)


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