Posted by: will | November 13, 2006


Zookeeper “Zookeeper EP #1” (Belle City Pop)


Zookeeper is the new project of Chris Simpson, formerly of the legendary emo band Mineral and the equally brilliant indie outfit The Gloria Record. Simpson has not released any music since The Gloria Record’s wonderful 2002 debut Start Here. Fans were perhaps beginning to wonder. However, Zookeeper marks Simpson’s triumphant return and it is, as expected, a bit of a departure from his past work.

The rousing “I Live In The Mess You Are” starts off the EP. It’s quite different from Simpson’s other bands as it sounds like a down home jam session between friends. “Tax Collector” is an impressive somewhat humorous pop gem the likes never really heard before from Simpson. Sticking his longing vocals right out in front, “Flood Of Love” sounds most in line with past bands. “Two Part Invention” is an achingly beautiful lo-fi love song that has the ending line of God, she was my melody that’s moving to say the least. “Delivery Room” is another rather pop-inflected tune that ends the EP on a realtively strong note as it is probably the most fully formed song here.

Zookeeper’s debut EP is a success. It’s noted that Simpson has a bunch of songs already written and ready to record. So, one can expect another EP and the debut full-length for Zookeeper in 2007. With all this upcoming activity, Simpson should garner some well-deserved new fans as well as bring a smile to many of his old fans’ faces.

RIYL: Mineral, The Gloria Record, Wilco


Zookeeper – I Live In The Mess You Are (mp3)

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