Posted by: will | November 10, 2006


Monikers “Eat Your Young” (Kiss Of Death)


Ah, good ole punk rock. Monikers hail from Orlando, FL and the band plays gruff pop-punk in the obvious vein of the great Dillinger Four. There are definite nods to genre giants like Jawbreaker and Leatherface as well. This is Moniker’s debut release and it’s definitely a nice start for the band. The band sounds straight out of the East Bay circa mid-nineties and that can be nothing but a compliment. Monikers are certainly not going to wow you that’s for sure. This is straight ahead gruff, yet melodic pop-punk save the last song which is a nice acoustic folk-punk tune reminiscent of early Against Me!. There is room for improvement here as Monikers often tend to sound more like a collection of their influences rather than a new original band. That being said though, I still have a soft spot in my heart for any band playing this style in 2006. Especially one that plays it so solidly. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the band’s next releases.

RIYL: Jawbreaker, Leatherface, Dillinger Four


Monikers – Mirror Images (mp3)


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