Posted by: will | November 9, 2006

Fifth Hour Hero…

Fifth Hour Hero “Not Revenge…Just A Vicious Crush” (No Idea)


One of my many favorite bands was a terribly underrated pop-punk band called Discount from Gainesville, FL. The band wrote incredible and intelligent indie pop-punk that was led by fantastic female vocals. Quebec’s Fifth Hour Hero are a similar band but employ male and female vocals almost equally. This is the band’s second full-length album and it is the group’s most mature and consistent effort. Who would expect anything less from No Idea which has consistently been one of the most relevant punk/hardcore labels over the last 10-15 years.

What makes this band so special is the give and take between the female vocals of Genevieve Tremblay and the male vocals of Mathieu Guilbault. Some songs see Tremblay taking the lead while others see Guilbault stepping up to the plate. It’s the songs where the two combine that really jump to the forefront though. “Playing Politics” starts the album off on a relatively odd note. It’s a great song and perhaps I’m just crazy, but I swear the chorus sounds eerily like AFI to me. “Faint And Fading Out” and “My Sympathies” see Tremblay taking the lead with Guibault stepping in near the end of both songs and they both deliver with noticeably strong conviction. “How Much Is Revolution With Taxes?” is a great song lead by the vocals of Guilbault that echoes back to the band’s anthemic earlier material. This song sticks out as one of the strongest the band has ever written. The band doesn’t relent as they continue to kick out some great songs. “After All Is Said And Done” and “Cour De Berlin” highlight the band’s varied attack. Fifth Hour Hero hardly let up the pace til “A Light On You”, which is a nice folky acoustic song that highlights the vocals of Tremblay. The band then proceeds to pick the momentum right back up. The closing vocals of No surrender/No retreat on “Bruce Oh My Bruce” are impossibly hard not to sing along to. “To Split A Rival Like A Fish” and the moving album closer “Burning The Fields Down” really put the spotlight on the band’s impressively strong songwriting.

Fifth Hour Hero have proven to be one of the brightest, yet unrecognized, stars on the pop-punk stage. Not Revenge…Just A Vicious Crush only enhances that fact even more. If you’re a fan of melodic “rough around the edges” pop-punk do yourself a favor and check Fifth Hour Hero out. You can thank me later.

RIYL: Discount, Leatherface, Hot Water Music


Fifth Hour Hero – My Sympathies (mp3)

Fifth Hour Hero – How Much Is Revolution With Taxes (mp3)



  1. I love Discount and Fifth hour hero SO MUCH. I hope some more bands come out like them now that they both are gone. (tear)

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