Posted by: will | November 7, 2006


Guster “Ganging Up On The Sun” (Reprise)

Buy it at Insound!

Guster has always been one of those bands I’ve been realatively torn about since first hearing them. I’ve enjoyed the group a good bit but always felt a little guilty for doing so. Yet, I think they are quite underrated and unfairly lumped into some bad musical company. The truth (as I see it at least) is that Guster are a very talented band who just have not been properly marketed. I think my opinon is supported by the fact that this is the band’s fifth album and fourth different record label. Obviously nobody knows how to market Guster. If they did, the band would be huge by now cause they can write a goddamn single like nobody’s business. This is probably the band’s most consistent album in mood and tone. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessairly mean it is their best either. There are no bad songs here but the beautiful highs of the band’s previous outings are few and far between as well. Ganging Up On The Sun is certainly a nice, more mature addition to the band’s catalog. However, I’ll be sticking to my copy of Lost And Gone Forever for most of my Guster fixes.

RIYL: Ben Folds, Ben Kweller, Wilco


Guster – Manifest Destiny (mp3)

Guster – The Captain (mp3)



  1. Hey, I can’t get the MP3. It’s asking me to log

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