Posted by: will | November 7, 2006


Guiltmaker “Driven By Arms” (Kiss Of Death)


This is a strong 4 song debut ep from Tampa, FL band Guiltmaker. What’s surprising about these songs is where the band’s pedigree is coming from. The band’s two founding members come from notorious grindcore/thrashcore bands Reversal Of Man and Combat Wounded Veteran. Guiltmaker sees the guys going in a totally different direction though. The band plays a sound much akin to mid-nineties post-hardcore and they play it quite well. The band is surprisingly firing on all cylanders on these four songs. The band’s strength certainly lies in the tight musical soundscapes they create. The music even seems to overpower the vocalists at times but that is only a small complaint. Renee Heartfelt successfully updated the post-hardcore sound in 2005. Guiltmaker, while being less polished, seem equally capable of doing just the same here in 2006 and beyond. Driven By Arms is a sure sign of better things to come for Guiltmaker.

RIYL: Jawbox, Quicksand, Shiner


Guiltmaker – The Current (mp3)


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