Posted by: will | November 3, 2006

Silversun Pickups…


Silversun Pickups “Carnavas” (Dangerbird)

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Sometimes it is a great idea to sit on a record for a little while. I was prepared to dismiss this record wholeheartedly a few weeks ago. But, after several more listens I am singing a far different tune. Silversun Pickups are a band that has received a good deal of hype lately. I guess it makes sense. Any band that can be compared to Smashing Pumpkins or My Bloody Valentine in 2006 will probably get their fair share of press. However, the band proves on Carnavas that it definitely deserves the hype that has been thrown its way.

Silverspun Pickups create an odd, yet alluring music mixture on their debut Carnavas. The band comes from several different noticeable places including indie rock, alternative rock, shoegaze and emo. It seems like an unholy marriage but somehow the band makes it work exceptionally well. “Melatonin” starts off the record on a high note. Lead singer Brian Aubert’s angsty vocals recall many an anguished emo singer (in fact he sounds a lot like Matt Pryor of The Get Up Kids/The New Amsterdams at times). The shoegaze and alternative rock influences of the band stick out rather obviously on tracks like “Well Thought Out Twinkles” which adds female vocals to the mix quite nicely. “Little Lovers” shows off the band’s California location as it recalls the fuzzy indie pop of Grandaddy. “Lazy Eye” is a standout track here that recalls the underrated and wonderful indie punk-pop of Knapsack. The album ends with the great “Common Reactor” which absolutely kills in its infectious glory before fading out in a blaze of guitar feedback.

Silversun Pickups do wander a little too far off the path at 11 songs in 55 minutes. But where the band fails at brevity, they more than make up with such a confident and addictive delivery. The band certainly has not created a perfect record here by any means. However, Carnavas is a rousing affair with some truly outstanding songs that have a tendency to get stuck in your head long after the music has stopped. For a debut, that’s about all you can really ask for.

RIYL: Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine, Grandaddy


Silversun Pickups – Melatonin (mp3)

Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye (mp3)


  1. First time I heard them I thought that it was the lead singer of Knapsack.

    Good review.

  2. Glad someone mentioned it, definitely Knapsack-ish. They were a great band

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