Posted by: will | November 1, 2006

The Lawrence Arms…

Band You Should Know

I recently saw one of my favorite bands, The Lawrence Arms play. I’ve seen The Arms play several times but this was by far the best (and possibly drunkest) I have seen them. The show was just downright fun and it seems those kinds of shows are unfortunately few and far between in this day. I’m not sure I have ever seen a band that seems to get along so well and have so much fun playing live. If there is such a thing as a band being “sloppily tight” live, well, The Lawrence Arms have certainly perfected it. It’s even more amazing when you realize the band has been together for seven years and put out five albums. The chemistry between the trio is enough to put a huge smile on your face. How do I describe The Lawrence Arms? Drunk and intelligent pop-punk rock with a keen melodic sense. Yeah…something like that. The band’s 2003 album, “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, is one of my favorite albums ever and, in my opinion, the band’s defining moment. Do yourself a favor and check their records out and go see the band live.


“The Devil’s Takin’ Names” off Oh! Calcutta! (mp3)

“Beyond The Embarassing Style” off Oh! Calcutta! (mp3)

“On With The Show” off The Greatest Story Ever Told (mp3)

“Navigating The Winward Passage” off Apathy And Exhaustion (mp3)

“100 Resolutions” off Cocktails And Dreams (mp3)

“Nebraska” off Cocktails And Dreams (mp3)



  1. I love the Lawrence Arms too. My favorite song is First Eviction Notice off Apathy and Exhaustion. Right now it’s my favorite, most-listened-to song of the week.

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