Posted by: will | November 1, 2006

Jeremy Enigk…

Jeremy Enigk “World Waits” (Lewis Hollow)

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You know, sometimes there are just artists that you follow no matter what. So, let’s get this out of the way. Jeremy Enigk has fronted one of my favorite bands, Sunny Day Real Estate. And he also fronted The Fire Theft who I loved as well although many SDRE fans did not. So, obviously I’m willing to go wherever Mr. Enigk takes me. That’s why it is no surprise that I like World Waits so much when in fact it has gotten mostly negative reviews from critics and Enigk fans alike. Anyone who has followed his career should not be shocked by what they find here. Enigk’s prog tendencies were shown in full effect on SDRE’s last album, The Rising Tide and World Waits is in essence a prog pop record.

All genres aside, World Waits is a fine album with some great songs that are truly Enigk-esque. This is actually Enigk’s second solo album. His first, The Return Of The Frog Queen, came two years after SDRE’s intial breakup in 1996. Given that World Waits comes a full ten years after his first solo effort, it is certainly a much different outing. That album dealt strictly in sweeping orchestral pop. World Waits seems more in line with the slower material on The Rising Tide and The Fire Theft debut.

Ever since Enigk’s well-publicized religious awakening, his lyrics have become more and more spiritual and some might say cheesy. That continues here on World Waits. Frankly, I can look past that if Enigk’s incredibly affecting voice is the one singing them. I’ve heard people say that Enigk has become too serious. When has Enigk’s songwriting ever been light? Perhaps I am just trying to rationalize but I simply do not get it. Enigk, for me, continues to be one of the most vital figures in music. World Waits does nothing to change my mind.

RIYL: U2, Peter Gabriel, Sunny Day Real Estate


Jeremy Enigk – Been Here Before (mp3)

Jeremy Enigk – World Waits (mp3)



  1. jeremy enigk is my hero. i think this album is fabulous and im glad someone else does, too.

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