Posted by: will | October 25, 2006

As Tall As Lions…

As Tall As Lions “As Tall As Lions” (Triple Crown)

Buy it at Insound!

As Tall As Lions are a band that obviously takes their craft very seriously…probably a little too seriously if you ask me. Too often, that makes for some cringe worthy moments on the band’s second full length. The band is obviously influenced by many a brit-pop band. Sure, lead man Daniel Nigro can sing with the best of them and the band is a talented bunch. Unfortunately though, there is simply nothing here to distinguish the band from the multitude of Keane and Coldplay wannabes that currently play this style. There are a few songs that poke their head above mediocrity like the uptempo duo of “Ghost Of York” and “Be Here Now” which do their best to change the bland and boring pace of the album. Far too often though, the band’s songs wallow within themselves while remaining far too safe and sadly become quite forgettable. Hopefully As Tall As Lions will feel the need to do a little more in trying to differentiate themselves in the future. Til then, they will have an uphill climb into notoriety.

RIYL: Coldplay, Keane, Snow Patrol


As Tall As Lions – Ghost Of York (mp3)



  1. what’s up? i’m digging that Lakota! oh, big props for making all the links “” or whatever the html is for making links open in a new window. going to see None More Black tonight. later.

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