Posted by: will | October 24, 2006


MSTRKRFT “The Looks” (Last Gang)

Buy it at Insound!

I have no idea how to review this album. This is Death From Above 1979‘s Jesse F. Keeler’s dancy side project. I find most of this type of music fairly hollow and sadly MSTRKRFT only do more to justify my opinion then change it. Definite similarities should be drawn to dance acts like Daft Punk. But why listen to this when you can listen to Daft Punk who do this style so much better than anybody else? I understand dance music is supposed to be fairly mindless, but I’m quite sure it’s not supposed to be this boring either. The group has remixed several tracks for such well-known bands like Bloc Party, Metric, Wolfmother and The Kills. Perhaps MSTRKRFT should stay within that area. Cause, frankly, their original material is nothing special.

RIYL: Daft Punk, DFA79, Basement Jaxx


MSTRKRFT – Easy Love (mp3)


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