Posted by: will | October 24, 2006


Lakota “Hope For The Haunted” (Pop Up)


So, I love Face To Face. They are one of my favorite bands of all time and any band that reminds me of them shall come up aces in my book. Lakota do just that! I’ve known about this band for a few years now but all I’ve really heard were rough demos. Hope For The Haunted is the band’s debut record and it’s a wonderful listen. The band is not as polished as Face To Face was, but they still have the unmistakable ability to grab you with a hook and/or melody. The band swings for the fences and misses on some tracks. However, when the band nails it, Lakota has that “I just can’t put my finger on it” quality that some of my favorite bands have had through the years. You can’t explain what it is that brings you back, you just know you want to hear it repeatedly. The band seems to be on hiatus now and that’s a shame. With a little more maturity and focus this band could blaze the paths of such legendary bands like Face To Face and Samiam. For now though, Hope For The Haunted will do just fine and any fan of melodic pop-punk should be all over this.

RIYL: Face To Face, Samiam, Husker Du


Lakota – Quiet Like Graves (mp3)

Lakota – Ember (mp3)


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