Posted by: will | October 20, 2006

En Masse…

En Masse “Alarm” (Pop Up)


En Masse was the original project of Jake Brown, formerly of Moments In Grace and Decahedron. Brown recruited some friends including Steve Kleiseth, formerly of Further Seems Forever, to complete his full band and Alarm is En Masse’s first recorded work. From the first notes of this debut EP, I can tell I’m in for a nice treat. For the most part, the band is right up my alley. The first band that En Masse reminds me of are the greatly underappreciated Hum. Hum perfected the art of the understated singer that is almost overpowered at times by the brilliance of the music behind him. En Masse has that same effect on the listener. Quite frankly, I’d love to just hear the instrumental versions of these songs. I think they would stand on their own quite well. That’s not to say the vocals are weak though. They do the trick but I could certainly go without the Mairlyn Manson-esque vocals that pop up here and there. That’s a tiny complaint as Alarm is certainly an impressive debut effort from the band. The production of the renowned J Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines, Channels) is spot on as it keeps the spotlight on the band’s beautifully swirling instrumental soundscapes. Alarm does exactly what a debut is supposed to do. It impresses and peaks future interest.

RIYL: Hum, Juno, Mogwai


En Masse – Vollman (mp3)

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