Posted by: will | October 6, 2006

Blog Thoughts…

No review today…another three day weekend for me. So, I’ve become more and more frustrated trying to keep up with all the music out there. I can only write so many reviews by myself and frankly I’m not covering enough music as I would like to. I’m thinking of changing the format around here a bit to writing much shorter reviews which would allow me to cover more music. Everything else would stay virtually the same. It would just allow me to review around ten albums a week instead of the usual four or five. The one drawback would be that my reviews would not be nearly as extensive. Of course I would still write a little more for albums I love. But, I’m just curious if anybody has any opinion on this. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.



  1. I like the format the way it is. You know the more music you cover the more you are going to realize that there is even more music to cover. It is a vicious cycle.

    Post more videos of turtles doing it.

  2. I think it’s fine too. I wouldn’t skimp on the reviews, just write whatever you feel – don’t feel obligated to write 10 reviews a day.

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