Posted by: will | October 4, 2006

Oh No! Oh My!…

Oh No! Oh My! “Oh No! Oh My!” (Self-Released)

Buy it at Insound!

Do you know those bands that just absolutely scream “hipsters listen to this”? Well, for better or worse Oh No! Oh My! are one of those bands. Now, normally this would be an extremely negative first impression for any band I’m reviewing. Upon my first listens it seemed that a bitchslap of a review might be in order. A funny thing happened though. The more I listened to the band’s Self-Titled debut, the more I found myself enjoying it and getting sucked in to the band’s charming indie pop. What makes Oh No! Oh My! stand out so well is the band’s knack for variation. It also helps that the band does not feel the need to drag out their songs like many of their peers. This album clocks in at a slim ten songs in under 26 minutes. The band writes simple, but memorable indie pop tunes that have the tendency to get stuck in your head. It will be interesting to watch the band’s progression cause there is certainly room for improvement but for now Oh No! Oh My! have released a solid debut album.

RIYL: Belle And Sebastian, Of Montreal, Magnetic Fields


Oh No! Oh My! – Skip The Foreplay (mp3)


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