Posted by: will | October 2, 2006

Mass Movement Of The Moth…

Mass Movement Of The Moth “Outerspace” (Exotic Fever)

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Mass Movement Of The Moth are truly a band in a league of their own. The band’s sound is impossible to pigeonhole as the band touches on a number of different genres. MMOTM play spazzy punk rock with keyboards and screamy vocals. The band also ventures into prog and goth areas as well on Outerspace. It’s all a peculiar, but rather exhilarating listen that is definitely not for the faint of heart. Where the band really makes their mark is on the slower tracks like “Seven”, “Ous We Are” and “Crimps And Ties” as well as the sci-fi sounding instrumental “De-Viced”. That’s where you can really see the band has the capability of breaking free of the genre that originally spawned them. But, just when you think you have the band figured out they pummel you over the head with an aggresive track like “2:13 AM”. The band ends things with the spacey five-minute “Crime” which really encompasses all of the band’s impressive traits. Outerspace is certainly an interesting and rewarding listen. The band should be commended for trying to do something completely different within the punk/hardcore scene. And to their credit, for the most part, Mass Movement Of The Moth do succeed.

RIYL: Milemarker, Fugazi, The Blood Brothers

Listen: Mass Movement Of The Moth – Crimps In Ties (mp3)


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