Posted by: will | October 1, 2006

Sunset Rubdown Show Musings…

So, I made the hour long trek to Charlotte on Friday night to see Sunset Rubdown. Here are some musings…

– The crowd was fairly decent…better than I remember crowds being when I lived in Charlotte.

– The show was opened by my friend Stephen’s band, Secondhand Stories. Stephen is quite an amazing singer/songwriter so you should definitely check out his songs. If he wasn’t such a perfectionist, he might actually have an album out by now.

– I’m not sure why but my expectations weren’t very high for Sunset Rubdown. However, the band played a rousingly good set. Spencer Krug is one talented boy!

– I asked Krug if he would take a pic with me for the site and he said “sure, after the show man”, so I obliged. Too bad Krug never came out from backstage after the show. So, I never got a pic of me and the mustached man. I’m a little bitter.

– I think I developed a lil crush on Camilla from Sunset Rubdown…those dimples killed me!

All in all…a good show even if I didn’t get back to Columbia til 3am.

– Driving playlist:

Sparta “Threes”
Division Day “Beartrap Island”
mewithoutYou “Brother, Sister”
Life At These Speeds “To Your Health” x 2
Mew “And The Glass Handed Kites”


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