Posted by: will | September 26, 2006

O Pioneers!!!

O Pioneers!!! “Black Mambas” (Team Science)


Punk fucking rock! That’s O Pioneers!!! specialty and they do it pretty damn well. The duo create a maelstrom of rock goodness on their debut, Black Mambas. This is how it’s supposed to sound…a complete, unfiltered and unbridled sense of passion and urgency is what the band creates and it’s a blast to listen to.

The band starts things off with the humorously titled “I Heard That New Ashlee Simpson Record Is Pretty Killer” and doesn’t come up for air through the album’s final 10 songs. “The Weather Underground” is a highlight here with some truly inspirational lyrics that come off as a wonderful call to arms. When lead singer Eric Soloman sings We got too much heart you believe him. On “Autographs Are For Rock Stars And Official Papers” the band calls out how commercialized punk has sadly become. The band’s rough and tumble sound recalls the innocence of early Against Me!. “My Favorite Songs Are On The Oldies Stations” is a look into the how growing older can change you and your ideals. “Motley Crue, Probably Saved My Life” makes a sad statement that so many of us speak of change but we’re usually too fucked up to do anything about it. The ending lyrics to the album closer “Remember When It Meant Something” of And I’ll play with my heart/Scream out my thoughts/Play with my heart/Scream out my words/Play with my heart/Scream out my thoughts speak volumes for what the music really means to O Pioneers!!!.

At times Black Mambas does suffer from a bit of sameness. But, it’s the duo’s heart and passion that tend to overcome this. Much like Latterman, O Pioneers!!! has its heart and mind in the right place. Quite frankly, that’s all that is needed sometimes when one is looking for true sincerity in their music.

RIYL: Against Me!, Latterman, Dillinger Four

Listen: O Pioneers!!! – The Record Time (mp3)



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