Posted by: will | September 24, 2006

Album Of The Day – The Lemonheads…

The Lemonheads “The Lemonheads” (Vagrant)

– Evan Dando is back with the first new Lemonheads album in ten years. And it sounds great!



  1. Maybe because I’m listening to this through junky little speakers and through the myspace page for them and maybe I have too many Evan Dando prejudices. I tried to set those prejudices asides and listen and it sounds like the soundtrack to Shrek. I like the melody, his voice and his lyrics but I think his backing band sounds like a bunch of well paid pro’s trying to sound fresh and young and like a Mentos commercial. Too bad. I think he should have pared it down a bit with all the guitars and let some of his clever lyrics come through.

    My 2.5 cents.

  2. oh no maritza…his backing band for this record is the guys from all/descendents so i have to respectfully disagree with you there. plus j mascis from dino. jr. plays guitar on the album as well.

  3. Maybe it’s my awful speakers? I will give him another shot, but only because you say so.

  4. yo, this is good, thanks for the preview last week, picked it up yesterday. the packaging kinda sucks, no? i guess all their albums were pretty minimalistic, though. anyways, thumbs up! sorry i didn’t hit that show sunday, Jim Beam was unkind to me Saturday night…

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