Posted by: will | September 22, 2006

Sinking Ships…

Sinking Ships “Disconnecting” (Revelation)


It looks as if Revelation have returned to their roots in 2006. With the recent signings of hardcore leaning bands like Down To Nothing, The Shook Ones, End Of A Year (who I reviewed recently here) and Sinking Ships, Revelation have shown that you can look towards the past to start anew. Down To Nothing and The Shook Ones have albums coming out soon. Sinking Ships and End Of A Year released their albums in July. The End Of A Year record is fantastic so how is the Sinking Ships record? Well, it’s pretty damn good as well.

All of Revelations new bands, while certainly rooted in hardcore, have different leanings. End Of A Year are more akin to classic emo while Sinking Ships are fairly straight-up hardcore. The diversions the band takes from the hardcore road is where Disconnecting sets itself apart though. Showing a penchant for melody often missed in this kind of straight-laced hardcore, Sinking Ships are a perfect example of how to make an old genre feel new and inviting. Make no mistake though, much of this album is pummeling hardcore at its finest. “The Next Time I Go” sounds perfectly like a lost Kid Dynamite track with it’s subtle melody mixed with hardcore. The mid-tempo “Ghost Story” is a definite highlight here proving hardcore doesn’t always have to come at a breakneck pace to get it’s point across. “Comfort” clocks in at close to four minutes which is unspeakable in the hardcore world. However, the song is remarkably advanced and shows the promise the band holds if they ever choose to break completely free from the hardcore genre.

The clean and concise production on Disconnecting adds a whole lot to the album. This is as mature an album as you will find in hardcore. Sinking Ships are not afraid to push the enevelope while remaining overwhelmingly true to their roots. That is what makes the band so special. Hardcore lovers should certainly keep your eyes and ears out for these guys.

RIYL: Minor Threat, Kid Dynamite, Dag Nasty

Listen: Sinking Ships – The Next Time I Go (mp3)


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