Posted by: will | September 19, 2006

Look Mexico…

Look Mexico “The Crucial EP” (Atlas)


This is the first recorded work for the band Look Mexico from Tallahasse, Florida. The Crucial EP contains five songs of simple and concise indie rock that shows some real promise. Instrumentally, the band is quite good. Look Mexico echo the noodling style of bands like Joan Of Arc, Karate and American Football. The instrumental “He Bit Me” starts things off rather well. “Guys, I Need A Helicopter” is probably the top track here as it sees the band dipping their feet into post-rock waters. Unfortunately, the group’s achilles heel are in the vocals. The band seems to take a step back when vocals are added to the mix. Frankly, they sound forced into the music and are just not on par. “Call Off Your Lap Dog” is full of interesting sounds but the vocals too often detract from the music instead of adding to it. The band’s instrumental tracks truly outshine the songs that feature vocals. It will be interesting to hear the band progress and to see which way they decide to go. Impressively, the band just inked a deal with Lujo Records so we will get to see just that. As for debuts go, The Crucial EP, while not being crucial, is certainly a step in the right direction.

RIYL: Joan Of Arc, American Football, Karate

Listen: Look Mexico – Guys, I Need A Helicopter (mp3)



  1. in no way does this take away from your review, but The Crucial EP is Look Mexico’s second EP. So Byzantine was released in 2005.

  2. thanks for the heads up…i totally missed that when doing my half-assed research for the review. i stand corrected.

  3. what do you think of the new Samiam? i’m still on the fence… wanna tailgate this weekend?

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  5. […] week. Wow, what a tremendous leap forward for the band. I reviewed last year’s The Crucial EP here. What is up with the return of so many great noodley (real) emo bands lately? Not sure, but I am […]

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