Posted by: will | September 18, 2006

Parts & Labor…


Parts & Labor “Stay Afraid” (Jagjaguwar)

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Goddamn, Parts & Labor rock! I can’t even begin to describe this music. It’s like some futuristic shit. Take the melodicism of Husker Du and combine it with the instrumental power of bands like Hella and Lightning Bolt and then you might get something similar to what Parts & Labor have created with Stay Afraid.

I am not a person who gets into a lot of noise related music. I need melodicism and noise music just can not offer that to me most of the time. However, Parts & Labor have hidden their melodicism where it’s not too hard to find. The band has brought both aspects together and it is quite incredible to hear. I think people in both camps will find something that moves them on Stay Afraid.

That’s not to say that Stay Afraid is without flaw. The band still seems to be searching to find their true sound at times. However, there are some truly mindblowing tracks here. The album starts off with three ridiculously good songs. The album opener, “A Great Divide” is an athemic beast of a song. “Drastic Measures” is a pop song laced with incredibly melodic feedback. “A Pleasant Stay” is epic in nature as the band unelashes their restrained fury. Title track “Stay Afraid” and album closer “Changing Of The Guard” are the most melodic songs here and they showcase the depth of Parts & Labor’s talent. The band pummels its way through most of the album at an almost breakneck pace. If and when the band can show a little more restraint, they might just have a breathtaking masterpiece in them. For now though, Stay Afraid will do just fine.

While I might be naive with bands who habitat this area, I must say this is some remarkable stuff. Perhaps there are tons of bands like Parts & Labor but for me the band has truly created a sound of their own here. I am completely floored and surprised by Stay Afraid. The band’s bio seems to compare the band to noise pop but this is just too damn rocking to be pop music. I’ve come up with a new genre that Parts & Labor are the pioneers of…melodic noise-core.

RIYL: Husker Du, Lightning Bolt, Oneida

Listen: Parts & Labor – A Great Divide (mp3)


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