Posted by: will | September 14, 2006

The Hylozoists…


The Hylozoists “La Fin Du Monde” (Boompa)

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La Fin Du Monde. I have been saying that a lot lately. The phrase just rolls off the tounge. You just have to look past the fact that the phrase means the end of the world. It’s peculiar as the band’s name comes from hylozoism which is the belief that all matter holds life. No clue where I am going with this, so, I digress. The Hylozoists are a Canadian super group of sorts. They were formed by The Sadies’ Paul Aucoin in 2001. La Fin Du Monde is the group’s second album. The band is made up of members from such bands as The Weakerthans, Final Fantasy, Cuff The Duke, FemBots and Broken Social Scene. The group’s pedigree certainly lends itself to the fact that La Fin Du Monde is a success.

There are a few songs on La Fin Du Monde that are accompanied by vocals but The Hylozoists are in essence, an instrumental band. The group’s sound is certainly reminiscent and in the vein of bands like Stereolab and Tortoise. This is instrumental orchestral pop at its finest. And I do emphasize orchestral. Make no mistake, The Hylozoists are a full-fledged orchestra. With a group of ten members the instruments used to make La Fin Du Monde are abundant. Strings, horns, vibraphone, glockenspiel and piano are added to the usual guitar, bass and drums. With all that is going on within the record it is surprising that La Fin Du Monde is such an easy listen. The songs flow almost effortlessly at times. It is rare to find an album that can either be played as background music or seriously dissected. This is one of those albums.

A lot of great musicians have come together to create something wonderful with La Fin Du Monde. The Hylozoists will continue on in some form or another I am sure. Some members will probably leave and new members will join. However, I have a feeling this is a group that should most certainly be watched very closely in the future. La Fin Du Monde.

RIYL: Stereolab, Tortoise, Air

Listen: The Hylozoists – Straight Is The Gate (mp3)


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