Posted by: will | September 13, 2006

Ronnie Day…

The Militia Group is proud to welcome Ronnie Day into the fold. The 18 year-old singer-songwriter from Redwood City, CA has cultivated a massive online buzz; he has over 78,000 Myspace friends…

– That’s an excerpt from a press release I received in my inbox today. I guess this is what music has come to nowadays. First of all, who the fuck cares how many Myspace friends you have?! Second of all, I think I’ve heard Ronnie Day before. Wait, I think that was Howie Day. Or maybe it was Dashboard Confessional. Sadly, all this sounds like to me is Dashboard Confessional B-Sides. If you want a good laugh, just check out this douche’s Myspace page here. No one cares that you had your heart broken by some 17 y/o emo chick dude. Get the fuck over it! But, I guess I should be more angry with the pathetic group of people who actually think this guy has talent. Oh, and The Milita Group, which actually has some decent artists and bands…what the hell are you thinking? $$$$ obviously! AH!



  1. Is the name of his album really “The Album”. I don’t know why but that offends me. I know I sound old and bitter but I just have a feeling that these new “indie” artist just don’t have the dedication that bands did in the pre-myspace 90s. When the fans go what will they do? What does this really mean to them? I can’t help but question their ambitions.


  3. While you’re writing in this cute little ‘blog’ people like RD are out changing the world. I guess it’s knowing this that keeps your stock of hate fuel high…

    Keep on hating, blogger– it’s a cycle and it’ll get you nowhere.

    Anyone else that reads this, I’d reccomend checking out The Album. It’s probably the single most accesable yet credible disc I’ve heard in a long time.

  4. Actually, if you’ve heard any of Ronnie Day’s music that is not off of “The Album,” such as songs off of “Nine Sleeples Nights” Or anything Unreleased in 2005, he sounds like a seriously talented musician with a lot of potential. That’s exactly what he is, and he built himself and his music to create something bigger than that, “The Album” sounds great. I’ve been lucky enough to see him live in action, and meet him as well, i thought he was kind of strange after i met him, and some of the things he said on stage about the meaning behind his songs were flat out lies to make his story more interesting, but that didn’t change my appreciation for his music. Everyone should give him a chance, i think you’ll like what you hear. People like you, that bash artists that they don’t know, or listen to, will always be around, so it was kind of stupid to post this. Your opinion is allowed to be as loud, absurd, and obnoxious in your blog as you want it to be. Happy Thanksgiving :]

  5. ok, so i guess i’ve pissed some people off here. so, ronnie day is changing the world? oh sweet children…i love all of you but you need to get a grip. not sure why all of you assume i did not listen to ronnie day. i listened to all the songs he had on myspace and that is what shaped my opinion of him. i don’t hate just to hate as anybody who actually READS my blog would know. i’m sure ronnie is a sweet fella and i’d be prepared to sit down and write an unbiased review for “The Album” if someone sent it to me. otherwise, i’m not gonna waste my time. happy trails!

  6. Ronnie Day is one of the most amazing artists ever!! He sings from his heart and has worked really hard to get where he is.Try listening to the whole cd and maybe even his unreleased cd, “Nine Sleepless Nights”, maybe you’ll even like it! Even if you don’t like his music, you have got to appreciate what he’s come through to get this far. So don’t talk badly about him because I don’t see you out there trying to make it in the TOUGH world of music. So basically, SHUT UP && LISTEN!!

  7. It’s funny how patronizing you are to the people that argue with your opinion of Ronnie’s music. It seems like you dislike his music because you are unable to relate to what he is singing about, or see the efforts behind his work. It is incredibly difficult to make it in the music industry, and Ronnie is well on his way! In fact, your willingness to jump to conclusions after hearing a few songs on his myspace only further confirms our suspicions of your ignorance. While it is true that opinions differ, there is no excuse for bashing an artist for having too many myspace fans or going through a heart-wrenching experience. You are delusional if you think that your silly little blurb will make people think twice about buying “The Album”. The truth is, more and more people will buy his CD because it’s great, and not even your worthless opinion can change that. With that said, if you want to reconsider and write a fair review, then YOU can go and BUY “The Album”! Maybe then you’ll realize what everyone already knows…RONNIE IS RAD! =D

  8. WTFZOSAURUS: what’s going down?
    SoundsLikeLife: Reading shitty reviews ~
    SoundsLikeLife: I hate it when people like this publish their oppinions
    WTFZOSAURUS: wow. that’s actually really mean…that’s what i don’t understand about people. there’s criticism that’s valueable and done intelligently, then there’s ranting using words like ‘douche’ and telling them to check out their myspaces.
    WTFZOSAURUS: it’s sad. don’t even worry about him. :c
    SoundsLikeLife: He’s got 25,000 readers/ day… That’s the only reason it bugs me
    WTFZOSAURUS: hmm. but that doesn’t really necessarily mean that it’ll change people’s opinion on your music. and even if it does, is that important? if i was in your position i wouldn’t even care about how many people listen to me and just value the people who do. i mean those are the only listeners that count, right? people that were changed by your music.
    SoundsLikeLife: That’s true, but it’s also my living
    SoundsLikeLife: If you ate, and payed rent, and life insurance, etc. etc. etc. on the music’s dollar, it means somthing different
    SoundsLikeLife: They’re two worlds apart, the buisiness side and the art side.. And you’ve got to spend time in both if you want to do it full time
    WTFZOSAURUS: i can understand.

    Oh, and SoundsLikeLife = Ronnie Day! 🙂

  9. Oh Billy…its cool you have your own distinctive opinion and everything, but calling someone a douche? That’s a lack of class. You’re like 10 years older than him and you still have to resort to that language! But hey, I guess 25,000 readers must give you the right to be a complete ass, right?

  10. hey kiddies! i illegally downloaded a copy of “THE ALBUM” today. perhaps i’ll review the lil bastard in the coming weeks.

  11. “lil bastard.”

    Your mastery of vocabulary never fails to amaze. And I suppose we are to assume that your review will be unbiased after that diction. Do they pay you to demean your readers (“hey kiddies”)? Perhaps not. Perhaps that is what is wrong with much of what appears on the internet, a lack of professionalism. Has anyone at this site ever heard of editing? You seriously are in need of it.

    Definition of critic in the OED (Oxford English Dictionary, foolish scribe). A person who judges the merits of literary or artistic works, especially one who does so professionally.

    “lil Bastrd,” Kiddies,” “douche”? Hardly professional by any standards.

    I challenge you to establish professional criteria (i.e. musicality, literary merit, universality of the piece) and evaluate the music against those standards. Far more difficult, indeed, but also far more professional.

    Your teen-aged diction should be an embarassment to a man of your age.

    Try being professional when your review your downloaded copy.

    Sue Rhodehouse

  12. so, i’m curious…when did anybody ever claim this was a “professional” site? ha, sure as hell was not me. i do this for fun. quite frankly, it’s when kids like you and ronnie day that take the internet way too seriously that shit like this arises. can’t we just be friends? happy holidays! 🙂

  13. Ah, Will. Therein lies the rub: An amateur reviewing a professional.

  14. haha, yeah…right. ronnie day has just as much right to put out amateurish music as i have to write “amateurishly” about it.

  15. Well, Mr. Device That is Used to Wash a Woman’s Vagina, just what is it that you get paid to do at 28 years of age?

    At 18, Ronnie gets paid to play music. Thus by many people’s criteria he is a professional.

    By my criteria (you don’t get paid, you are a borish writer, and your arguments are illogical, ie. ad hominem attacks), you are an amateur.

    Take a rhetoric class and stop having “fun” with people’s livelihoods. Some people do take their professions seriously.

    By the way, I am by no means a “kid” and neither are you. Why don’t you start presenting yourself as a grown-up?

  16. first, i want to say thanks for driving up my hits so much. continuing this back and forth only continues to enhance the site’s numbers.

    second, if i’m such an amateur why are you arguing with me? why do you or ronnie day care what i have to say. you should laugh and move on.

    third, i have no desire to be a “professional” music critic. if you want to limit yourself to reading professional music critics i can only imagine how bland your musical tastes must already be. but i guess the fact that you are on here defending ronnie day has already confirmed your tastes. frankly, i feel sorry for anybody out of high school that listens to drivel like ronnie day.

    fourth, i’d recommend that you stop trying to police the internet. you are just going to continue wasting your obviously precious time talking to amateurs like me who so clearly just do not get it.

    lastly, this is my site and i’ll write whatever i want and i will conduct myself however i see fit. i could give two shits about ronnie day’s livelihood. he, along with his “fans” need to grow some thicker skin.

  17. We are not the only ones in need of thicker skin quite obviously. Have fun writing your meaningless drivel.

    I’m happy for those “hits” of yours too. Maybe you can translate them into some sort of meaningful vocation.

  18. happy trails my dear!

  19. Oh, and I’m not necessarily defending Ronnie Day. To defend someone implies fault. I find no fault with an 18-year-old who has achieved as much as he has.

    I am defending journalistic integrity.

    If you want to see some well written negative reviews of Ronnie’s CD, see staticmultimedia, music emissions, or the musicedge. Some of those reviewers actually write under their real names. And their criticism often is valid. And they seem to be able to critique an album without resorting to name calling or ad hominem attacks.

    Or you can go to Absolute Punk and see Steve Henderson apply real criteria to The Album.

    I can see why you want me to hit the trail. To be attacked in the World Wide Web is a painful thing. What may be “fun” for some can be hurtful to others.

    The internet gives us freedom of expression. But what I was taught is that with freedom comes responsibility.

    So happy trails to you, too, whomever you may be. As you say, this is your site and you can conduct it however you like. It’s kind of like when you were a kid and invited people over to your house, so you could play by your rules.

    So I guess I played by your rules a bit here.

    I don’t think, however, that I will call you a douche.

  20. this is amusing…tiresome, but still amusing.

    simply put, i started this site to have fun and talk about music i love (and hate) and that is what i do. i have no responsibility to anybody but myself. i was tired of reading bullshit “professional” music critics and i think a lot of people feel the same way i do. that’s why the site does well as far as the number of visitors that come here. so, you can call my writing simple, question my journalistic integrity or whatever. frankly, it’s no sweat off my back cause i never set out to make this into a “professional” site in the slightest bit. i could care less about making one cent off this site. cause unlike ronnie day (who seems rather consumed with the business side of music), i do this simply for the love of music and nothing else.

    with all that being said, thank you for your comments sue. i respect your opinions and you have stated them well. you are obviously an intelligent person and i would be glad for you stick around and provide more input to the material on the site. but, i’m done arguing with you…it’s really not worth our time. happy holidays!

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