Posted by: will | September 11, 2006


Stellamaris “Stellamaris EP” (Self-Released)


This is the new EP from the young Dallas, Texas band Stellamaris. It’s an impressive slice of independent rock that recalls early Radiohead and perhaps the work of Jeff Buckley. While there are some definite nods towards brit-pop, there is also a certain Americana influence that I guess should be expected. The band also has an arena rock feel with certain similarities to bands like Coldplay and U2. At the center of the band’s music are the crooning vocals of lead singer Nathan Pettijohn. His voice float overs the musical soundscapes created by the band. There is a wealth of instrumentation here that adds a nice maturity and warmth to the band’s sound. The production is impeccable as well. Perhaps that is my only complaint here though. Everything seems a bit too perfect. I think the band could certainly incorporate some rawness here and there that would surely add to the listening experience. Nonetheless, it’s an enjoyable listen. While the sound of Stellamaris might be a little too clean for my overall tastes, I still predict big things just over the horizon from this obviously talented band.

RIYL: Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Coldplay

Listen: Stellamaris – Strangers (mp3)


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