Posted by: will | September 7, 2006


Tar…Feathers “Make Way For The Ocean Floor To Fall To The Surface” (Release The Bats)

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Tar…Feathers is the musical vehicle and voice of Marcus Nyke. Upon doing my intial research of the band I was struck by the fact that there was no mention of Spencer Krug. When first listening to Make Way For The Ocean Floor To Fall To The Surface I was constantly reminded of Krug’s bands Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown. Perhaps it is just the similar maniacal vocal delivery of the two but I can not help but feel that Nyke and Krug seem to be almost kindred spirits when I’m listening to their respective works. That is certainly a compliment to Nyke as I believe Krug to be one of the more talented individuals making music within the ever-expanding indie rock circle these days.

The catchy album opener “Cuckoo” and the appropriately titled “You Are Lucky To Have Nothing” really showcase Tar…Feather’s ultimate strength…the band’s ability to balance such disparate moods. There is a darkness that pervades the mostly upbeat sounds of Tar…Feathers. It can be seen in the gothy undertones of “Half A Sentence”, which brings to mind The Cure. While “Build Me A Wreck” sounds like an unearthed Modest Mouse hit single. Other songs like “Tada” remind one of the more deranged, yet catchy songs of Xiu Xiu. It’s the dark lyrical imagery over the contrastingly upbeat music that makes Make Way For The Ocean Floor To Fall To The Surface such a complex and interesting listen.

I despise such band name dropping in my reviews but it’s a testament to Tar…Feathers that I can reference such bands with confidence. Release The Bats continues to put out great records and Make Way For The Ocean Floor To Fall To The Surface just might be the label’s finest hour yet. Nyke and Tar…Feathers have created quite a debut and any fan of modern indie rock/pop will surely find something to gravitate towards here.

RIYL: Modest Mouse, Wolf Parade, Xiu Xiu

Listen: Tar…Feathers – Cuckoo (mp3)


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