Posted by: will | September 5, 2006

…Of Sinking Ships…

…Of Sinking Ships “…Of Sinking Ships” (Gilead Media)

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Back in 2003 when Chad Waldrup was the guitarist for Hopesfall, he found the time to create music outside of his main endeavor. He recorded some songs and sold the music to anyone interested as homemade CD-Rs at Hopesfall shows. Those 8 songs turned out to be the debut full-length for his project called, …Of Sinking Ships. Three years later, the songs finally see a proper release via Gilead Media. It’s certainly appropriate that these songs see the light of day cause they are works that truly can stand on their own. Waldrup impressively plays all the music himself. If you are looking for something along the lines of Hopesfall then you might be sorely disappointed. …Of Sinking Ships is purely instrumental in the vein of bands like Mogwai, Tristeza, The Mercury Program and Tortoise. Fans of this genre will certainly have something to love with this excellent debut record. The songs vary a good bit in their tempo, texture and mood yet they still have an amazing cohesiveness. Many of the songs here create an almost dream-like trance that tends to mesmerize as the guitars swirl all around you. While some of the tracks have a tendency to sound somewhat similar, there is certainly nothing that underwhelms here. These 8 songs fit together perfectly to compose an outstanding album of instrumental music. Waldrup has promised …Of Sinking Ships will carry on and I’m certainly looking forward to hearing part two of this project.

RIYL: Tristeza, Mogwai, Tortoise

Listen: …Of Sinking Ships – The Circumstances (mp3)


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