Posted by: will | September 1, 2006


Zombi “Surface To Air” (Relapse)

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Released on the predominately metal-oriented Relapse Records, Zombi’s Surface To Air is certainly a peculiar listen if nothing else. Zombi are a duo comprised of only synths and drums. There are no vocals or guitars but the duo make up for that with massive swirling synths backed by creative drumming. Frankly, Zombi sound like a more streamlined version of Rush. So, if you never had any kind of affinity for the prog-rock of Rush, then you might want to turn around and head for the door right now.

Surface To Air clocks in at only 5 tracks but well over 40 minutes. It certainly requires patience from the listener but there are some beautiful sounds being made here. The duo should be commended for the intricate construction of their songs. These guys, above all, are excellent musicians. The only complaint I have is one that I have thrown the way of prog-influenced music for years now. There is just too much wanking going on here! Why’s everything got to be so goddamned self-indulgent? Other than that though, Zombi have actually created a warm, inviting record with Surface To Air. That’s more than can usually be said for most prog-influenced records.

Will I be listening to Surface To Air much after this review? Probably not. Will I have a craving for this band’s unique sound every now and then? Yes, I think so. Most of all though, I really want to see this band live. I’m quite sure the experience would be a memorable one.

RIYL: Rush, Rush, Rush


Zombi – Challenger Amp (mp3)

Zombi – Digitalis (mp3)


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