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Latterman “…We Are Still Alive” (Deep Elm)

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Last year Latterman made their triumphant return after a three-year hiatus with No Matter Where We Go..!. It was one of the year’s best albums and made my Top Ten of 2005. For a band, it is certainly hard to follow up your “masterpiece” and to do it just a year later is even more of a challenge. However, if you know the boys in Latterman, they are up for any and all challenges. …We Are All Alive proves that Latterman are here to stay at the top of the pop-punk mountain.

While …We Are Still Alive does not have the same instant gratification that No Matter Where We Go..! did, it is a hell of a grower. Upon initial listens I was asking myself where the insane catchiness and sing-alongs disappeared to. However, after spending some time with the album, those things are all still there in full effect…just a little more subtle this time around. Perhaps that has something to do with the lryics. Lyrically based, …We Are Still Alive seems much more personally charged in it’s subject matter. Where No Matter Where We Go..! was more of a celebration and commentary on the scene, … We Are Still Alive is not as self-assured. The lyrics really center around the uncertainty of growing up into adulthood and the confusion and despair that can creep into one’s mind. But, the title of this new album really sums up it’s true positive spirit. …We Are Still Alive is certainly a different kind of album, but in no way does it lack what made No Matter Where We Go..! so special.

“Water Mains At The Blocks End” kicks off the album in grand Latterman style with some driving guitar parts. The lyrics tell the tale of trying to find your place in this messed up world of ours. “I Decided Not To Do Them” showcases some great catchy gang vocals that Latterman does so damn well. It echoes the sentiments of the first track about feeling the need to find a place to truly call your home. “If Batman Were Real, He Would Beat The Crap Out Of My Friends” has some simple, but poignant, lyrics about what punk rock means to the band. They go If you think punk’s dead you haven’t met my friends/ They’re always at it again and again/ If you think punk’s dead you haven’t met our friends and the song ends with the refrain of Let’s make our homes in each others hearts. “We Work The Night Shift” is the song that hits you the quickest on the album. The chorus of Wake me up and get me from this place will have you singing along your first listen through. Album closer, “Will This Be On The Test?”, starts off as a typical Latterman track until the song slows to a simmering pace with male and female vocals trading the lyrics of If today the ground gives in/I hope we won’t fall alone. The give and take vocals continue until the song erupts into a gloriously noisy ending.

Latterman are making intelligent and meaningful music and because of that they are one of the best pop-punk bands going today! These guys seriously make me feel like I’m ten years younger. The sincerity, positivity and passion that rages inside this band is truly inspiring. It emanates from every fiber of their being. Latterman believes what they say and they are going to yell it at the top of their lungs until everybody hears. Punk rock is alive and well in the hearts of Latterman and they want you and I to know that it always will be. We are still alive so fuck all the non-believers!

RIYL: Dillinger Four, Hot Water Music, Against Me!


Latterman – Water Mains At The Blocks End (mp3)

Latterman – We Work The Night Shift (mp3)


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