Posted by: will | August 28, 2006

Magyar Posse…


Magyar Posse “Random Avenger” (Verdura)

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What is this music that Magyar Posse play and why the hell am I so intrigued by it? Magyar Posse hail from the magical lands of Finland and Random Avenger is the band’s third full-length record. The band plays an incredible mixture of the post-rock sound. Progressive post-rock? Usually that description would find me running for the door but everything Magyar Posse does is so natural and organic. Every element simply adds to the drama of the music created on Random Avenger.

The sound of Magyar Posse certainly recalls the pedigree of many post-rock bands. However, this is not your typical post-rock band. The vastness of the band’s musical scope is unique and astounding. It’s well beyond 95% of the bands playing this genre. The band incorporates so much into their sound and it all works so beautifully. The challenge for an instrumental band is to translate the emotion that is normally felt vocally to their instruments. I cannot stress how amazing Magyar Posse have done this. This album plays like an epic soundtrack with amazing peaks and truly affecting lows.

Random Avenger is a wild and rewarding listen. A band like Magyar Posse reminds you of the fact that incredible music is still being made all over the world…in every corner. Magyar Posse have quite frankly written the soundtrack to many a night for me. Random Avenger has truly blown me away. What more can be said?

RIYL: Godspeed You Black Emperor, Mogwai, Sigur Ros


Magyar Posse – Whirlpool Of Terror And Tension (mp3)

Magyar Posse – Sudden Death (mp3)



  1. Sudden Death reminds me of that great cheese music in the background of the best B-movie eva made…. The Warriors!!! I give it 9 (outta 10) switchblades.

  2. Pretty fun! How have you been?

  3. hey maritza, my most loyal reader! i’m hangin’ in there!

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