Posted by: will | August 25, 2006

Rise Against…

Rise Against “The Sufferer & The Witness” (Geffen)

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Rise Against return with their fourth album and second on a major label. The band shows no signs of changing their sound to fit in though. Rise Against do melodic hardcore better than almost any band out there today. On The Sufferer & The Witness the band shows that they can mature and expand their sound without letting go of the genre that they have embraced.

On Rise Against’s last album, Siren Song Of The Counter Culture, the acoustic song “Swing Life Away” scored the band an unlikely hit. I was afraid to hear another token acoustic song on The Sufferer & The Witness but that is not the case here. Instead the band barrels through another batch of their patented brand of melodic hardcore. The band is lead by the incredibly impassioned vocals of Tim McIlrath. His voice drips with sincerity and is Rise Against’s most powerful weapon. There are some interesting diversions for the band on The Sufferer & The Witness. “Roadside” is the obvious single as its easily the album’s most downtempo song. The song is highlighted by female vocals and a cello. It’s an interesting change of pace for the band. On “The Approaching Curve” the band’s use of spoken word and female vocals makes for a stunning listen. Despite the album’s experiments, the band’s sound is still quite intact though.

Rise Against are a glowing example of how a band can use the major labels to grow yet hold on to their ideals and sound. The band has not sacrificed anything and has in fact grown even better in their craft. The music is proof of that. The Sufferer & The Witness is another fantastic offering by Rise Against. It is an album that further cements the band as tops in their genre.

RIYL: Bad Religion, Good Riddance, Sick Of It All

Listen: Rise Against – The Approaching Curve (mp3)


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