Posted by: will | August 24, 2006

This Will Destroy You…

This Will Destroy You “Young Mountain” (Magic Bullet)

Buy it at Insound!

The thing that should be stressed about the first offering from San Marcos, Texas band, This Will Destroy You is that these six songs are band’s first recordings. What has become Young Mountain was originally only supposed to be the band’s initial demo. When you look at that fact, this record is pretty damn impressive. This Will Destroy You are certainly not mining new territory here. This is instrumental post-rock by the books. Hell, the band they most closely resemble are fellow Texas natives and post-rock giants Explosions In The Sky. While the band’s sound might be considered somewhat derivative for the genre, This Will Destroy You play it remarkably well. Young Mountain does not sound like a debut and it certainly does not sound like a demo. For such a young band to perfect a sound so soon, no matter how derivative, is incredible. All that’s left for the band to do now is to build upon what has already been established. This Will Destroy You just needs to add their own flavor much like the aforementioned Explosions In The Sky have already done. They seem to already be moving in that direction with some of the electronic flourishes found on Young Mountain. With the talent this band shows, I doubt they will have much trouble finding their own unique voice. Oh, and This Will Destroy You…what a great band name!

RIYL: Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, Mono

Listen: This Will Destroy You – The World Is Our ____ (mp3)



  1. Hell yeah! Amazing band name! =) Nice review too. Intelligent, honest, true, straight to the point. Good work.


  2. great stuff!

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