Posted by: will | August 22, 2006



Grandaddy “Just Like The Fambly Cat” (V2)

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It’s so sad listening to Just Like The Fambly Cat knowing that Grandaddy has finally bitten the dust. Perhaps that is why I have been sitting on this album for so long now. It’s an album that truly deserves to be soaked up. The band has provided me with many wonderful listens over the years and this album is no different. Just Like The Fambly Cat is the band’s fourth and final full-length album and it follows along the same spacy pop sound that the band is notorious for. Thankfully, the band goes out on a superb high note.

“What Happened” is a somber opening track that sets the mood before the rocking “Jeez Louise” picks up the pace. “Summer…It’s Gone” is another downtempo track that echoes the band’s strongest material. The guitars seem to guide lead singer Jason Lytle’s delicate vocals. “Rear View Mirror” is a trademark Grandaddy song. The track is in no hurry to get to where it’s going. The band’s music always had a beautiful way of taking the scenic route. The apocalyptic “Animal World” sounds like the perfect song to be playing as the world meets it’s deserving end. The punk-rock “50 Percent” shines a light on some of Grandaddy’s harder to find influences. The angelic “Guide Down Denied” plays like a traditionally slower Grandaddy tune. The song is acscented with all kinds of instrumental flourishes prooving that Grandaddy surely know their way around the studio. “Elevate Myself” proves the band has not lost their keen sense of humor. I could see this song easily being a hit single in a more just world. “This Is How It Starts” is a song that probably should have closed the album. It’s simple and touching and truly is Grandaddy at their best.

While Grandaddy have been accused of sticking to their sound a little too strictly in the past, Just Like The Fambly Cat is the band’s most varied album to date. It shows the band in all their glory. No matter how many times I listen, each Grandaddy album has maintained a remarkable confidence that many bands just seem to lack. There is a sincerity in the band’s music that will surely be missed. The band may draw comparisons to many bands past and present, however, there is no mistaking that Grandaddy created their very own sound. Just Like The Fambly Cat is a fitting tribute to that fact.

RIYL: Super Furry Animals, The Flaming Lips, Pavement

Listen: Grandaddy – Jeez Louise (mp3)

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