Posted by: will | August 22, 2006

All Hail From First To Last…

Apparently my From First To Last Are Gay post touched a nerve…

Fuck u!! From First To Last r not Gay!! they r the best band ever!!! sonny is not a midget! and he is certainly not gay!! u must be gay to be making the best band ever and the hottest guy ever!! really do u have nothing better 2 do w/ ur life?? i bet not! plus ride the wings of pestilence is not a gay song its awesome and the words u put in instead dont even work the sond doesnt sound like that! man i hate u!!

Why don’t I get more comments like this? It would seriously make my days go by faster!



  1. All this talk about gayness is making me homosexual.

  2. haha… and to top it off, the dumbass thought YOU actually made the video. sigh.

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