Posted by: will | August 21, 2006


Danielson “Ships” (Secretly Canadian)

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It’s hard to believe that Ships is my first exposure to Daniel Smith’s eccentric band of Christian troubadours. Daniel Smith is well known for his collaborations with the ever-popular Sufjan Stevens but in actuality the group released their first album way back in 1995 well before Sufjan’s rise to fame. Danielson has released albums under a number of different monikers and Ships is their sixth album.

While there are certainly religious undertones in Danielson’s music just as there are with Sufjan Stevens’ music, it is certainly not conventional Christian music in the least bit. There is a certain maniacal feel to Ships which really adds to the listening experience a great deal. The terrific “Ship The Majestic Suffix” starts the album off on a high note. “Did I Step On Your Trumpet” is an incredibly infectious song. On this track, Smith’s vocals really touch on the diabolical ramblings of Frank Black of The Pixies. “When It Comes To You I’m Lazy” is a downtempo song that is a nice change of pace in the heart of the album. The ending lyrics of I want nothing of the world in me are truly telling. The next track, “Two Sitting Ducks”, picks the pace right back up though. “Five Stars And Two Thumbs Up” is an endearing ending as the band seems to be thanking the listener for giving Ships a listen.

Perhaps some will be turned off by Danielson’s Christian beliefs but that’s a shame. There is a great deal to sink your teeth into here no matter what religious affiliation you are. Ships is an odd, but original and fullfilling listen that will surely leave a lasting impression.

RIYL: Sufjan Stevens, The Pixies, Deerhoof

Listen: Danielson – Did I Step On Your Trumpet? (mp3)



  1. As P. Hilton would say so fittingly, “That’s Hot!!!” I wanna copy when i get back home.

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