Posted by: will | August 17, 2006


Conner “Hello Graphic Missile” (Sonic Boom)

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You surely would not know it from the band’s sound but Conner hails from the great US midwest of Lawrence, KS. The band sounds straight out of the UK on the band’s second full-length, Hello Graphic Missile. The band’s sound is certainly in line with more modern popular acts like Franz Ferdinand and Hot Hot Heat. It’s that popular style that owes a lot of debt to bands like Gang Of Four. Frankly, that’s really the only negative aspect of the band’s sound…the fact that it has been done to death the past few years. However, Conner seem to offer a little something more.

Hello Graphic Missile starts off splendidly with its first two tracks. “Silent Film Score” is a familar jaunt into damaged art rock/post-punk territory. It’s ridiculously dancy and just has a way of sinking under your skin. The second track, “Cold Feelings” is a downtempo track that really shows the band’s range. The band’s influences shine through here and that’s where they seemingly break away from the majority of their peers. You can see slices of ska, reggae and R&B throughout Hello Graphic Missile. “Floating On Error” is probably my favorite track as it showcases all the band is capable of. Behind all the genre mashing, this track has a beautiful ambience contained in it. “For The Fourth Time” has an almost rockabilly feel to it. The instrumental track “Toulene” is not only a wonderful change of pace, it’s a beautiful song. “Up To You” is a straightforward rock track that strangely enough reminds me of The Strokes. “I’m A Balloon” makes the earlier R&B influence ring true.

The band would have been well advised to trim some of the tracks on Hello Graphic Missile. Things seem to run a bit too long at times and certain tracks just are not on par with the stronger material on the album. However, no one can argue that the band has made a solid record here. The only question is if Hello Graphic Missile is good enough to stand out in the sea of bands currently playing this sound. I certainly think it is.

RIYL: Franz Ferdinand, Hot Hot Heat, Gang Of Four

Listen: Conner – Floating On Error (mp3)

P.S. The band just did an exclusive set of studio songs for one of my new favorite sites Daytrotter. Check the songs out here.



  1. They do sound very UK! I like this.

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