Posted by: will | August 16, 2006

The Long Winters…

The Long Winters “Putting The Days To Bed” (Barsuk)

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I have only been a casual fan of The Long Winters since the band’s inception. I enjoy the band’s brand of indie pop a good bit but it’s certainly not something that I find myself reaching for too often. However, Putting The Days To Bed may have changed all that. It’s a great collection of songs that really highlights band leader John Roderick’s clever lyrical prose. Anybody remotely enamored with power pop will find tons to love on The Long Winters latest offering.

The album gets off to a rousing start with one of the strongest tracks, “Pushover”, kicking things off. “Teaspoon” catches you off guard with some wonderful horns backing the band’s catchy chorus. “Hindsight” is a moving downtempo number that really highlights Roderick’s clever lyrical tyrades. The lyrical subject seems to be about people who always feel the need to “start over” so they keep moving from place to place. Roderick asks Is this new move just to keep moving? and states in the following chorus, In hindsight you’re gonna wish you were here. “Clouds” is an endearing track highlighted by some pleasant banjo picking. The elementary chorus of Don’t try to write your name in the clouds from the ground is remarkably simple, yet meaningful. The acoustic track, “Seven” closes the album in fine fashion.

The Long Winters have upped the ante on Putting The Days To Bed. It’s an album that plays quite closely to the band’s sound while polishing their songwriting to outstanding results. Roderick and The Long Winters just might be too clever for the mainstream but that suits us (and probably them) just fine.

RIYL: Harvey Danger, REM, The Posies

Listen: The Long Winters – Pushover (mp3)


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