Posted by: will | August 15, 2006

End Of A Year…

End Of A Year “Sincerely” (Revelation)

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With the sound of New York’s End Of A Year, it is certainly no surprise to find out that Sincerely was recorded by Don Zientara in his legendary DC Studio, Inner Ear. The band’s sound has the mark of the DC punk/hardcore scene obviously tattooed on their heart. Frankly, that can only be a good thing for this listener in this day and age.

Sincerely plays remarkably well for a sound that could be considered to be dated by some. End Of A Year run through 11 songs in 28 minutes. There are no detours here. The band jumps into each song, hits and then gets the hell out. However, there is a great deal of melodic punch shown here by the band. It’s similar to the way a Dag Nasty song had the uncanny ability of being just as catchy as it was powerful. And the guitars are certainly impressive as they weave in and out over the shouted vocals. The only complaint that could be made is in the lack of variation between tracks. However, when a band plays such a classic style so incredibly well, who needs any variation?

More than anything Sincerely is a powerful recorded statement of perseverance. The juxtaposing lyrics of the song “Midwest” echo well after the record ends. The line I’ve let myself down in so many ways is surely telling. Yet the song ends on an uplifting positive note with the lyrics The train’s derailed but the wheels still spin. Lesson learned.

RIYL: Dag Nasty, Rites Of Spring, Fugazi

Listen: End Of A Year – Beleaders (mp3)



  1. […] It looks as if Revelation have returned to their roots in 2006. With the recent signings of hardcore leaning bands like Down To Nothing, The Shook Ones, End Of A Year (who I reviewed recently here) and Sinking Ships, Revelation have shown that you can look towards the past to start anew. Down To Nothing and The Shook Ones have albums coming out soon. Sinking Ships and End Of A Year released their albums in July. The End Of A Year record is fantastic so how is the Sinking Ships record? Well, it’s pretty damn good as well. […]

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